It’s not often I finish something…

It took a little longer than I hoped, partly due to the recent heat which makes me feel lazy, but it’s finally finished! This jumper published in knit now, issue 23 was started long ago and left for some time while I was distracted by various other bits and bobs like making cards.

'Berta' jumper- my latest finished project.

‘Berta’ jumper- my latest finished project.

I do love lacy pattern especially when they are easy to memorise like this one. It had enough pattern to keep me interested but wasn’t so complicated that I couldn’t enjoy knitting it up. Another bonus for me is that it is knitted in 2 flat pieces so there’s not a lot of sewing up involved, a process that I don’t always have the patience for! It also gives this particular jumper it’s lovely relaxed shape. This will be perfect for chilly summer evenings and when the cooler weather starts to set in.



Here is a close up that shows the pretty lace pattern. Im really pleased with how this jumper has turned out and the yarn I chose was perfect- it looks just as I imagined it would, which many knitters will know isn’t always the way it goes. I bought the yarn from here, yeoman yarns. It was a website I hadn’t  used before but had seen advertised. When I was browsing the website, with sock yarn in mind, I came across the Panama 4ply. It seemed such good value that I decided to take a chance and try this, over brands that I have previously used. My next big decision was which of the many available colours I wanted. The socks would be for my mum so I let her choose and she picked ‘Crocus’. Well, I made the socks and this jumper, with probably enough left over for another pair of socks. When the yarn arrived I was pleasantly surprised by the colour. The picture on the website didn’t do it justice. As you can see in the close up picture, it is actually two-toned and has a slight sheen. It is soft but I’m sure it will be hard wearing as it is of good quality. It was brilliant for the money and once i’ve made a little room in my stash i’ll be trying out more from the Yeoman Yarns range.