Beaded bow-tie.

The mystery project I posted a picture of a few days ago hasn’t been forgotten about, it’s just been on hold while I did another small project. Having recently completed a jumper for myself it’s nice to knit a few smaller things which can be completed in a relatively short space of time.

I had some Louisa Harding hand beaded Mulberry silk stashed away, that I bought on sale with no idea what I would use it for. It was just beautiful and luxurious looking in a selection of lovely colours. I wasn’t disappointed when it arrived and I’ve been wondering ever since what I can use it for. I thought the time was right to get it on my needles so I looked through my queue on Ravelry and found this pattern, saved a long time ago, which seemed just right for this yarn.

Beaded bow-tie

Beaded bow-tie

It’s a nice simple pattern and I’m pleased with the finished article, the only tricky part was learning how to actually tie the thing when I was finished! It took about 6 different youtube videos but I think it looks OK. It helps that I was aiming for a loose, relaxed looking bow anyway! 

imageAs you can see in the above picture, Primrose approves of bow ties.

There was one downside of using this yarn. When I checked the band for care instructions etc, I found out that ‘This yarn is produced in Italy then sent to Turkey where each hank is individually beaded.’ I guess that the idea is to make it sound more exotic. I must say though that even though i’m no eco-warrior and, honestly, until now I haven’t given much thought to the carbon footprint of the yarn I use, it seemed excessive to me that this was shipped to another country just to have the beads added. 

I do try, in small ways, to watch my energy use, recycle etc and maybe this has inspired me to be a little more conscious in future about what I’m buying to knit with.