The Perils of Beach Knitting.

Yesterday involved a spontaneous trip down to Brighton. It was a beautiful day which started with a nice stroll through the lanes and a glance in some of the lovely little independent shops (and a longing glance through the window of Choccywoccydoodah!).

Afterwards, it was down to the beach. I chose a place to sit near the carousel, as the music always seems to brighten my mood and I settled down to knit. Knitting itself feels like a form of meditation for me and the sound of the waves breaking on the shore calming, so the two fit together very well!

Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach

I was working on a light, lacy jumper that is soo so close to finished. I was so relaxed that I wasn’t even too irritated when I twice had to undo an entire row as my brain had totally switched off!

There was also a moment that I wish had been caught on camera…

The tide had turned and the waves were creeping closer towards my feet by the second. To protect my knitting etc I stood up and started to pull my towel- and everything on it backwards. I thought I’m only moving a few feet, it’ll be fine. Well. My yarn came out of the bag it was in and started to roll towards the sea. I squealed and ran towards it, catching it with about a metre to spare. I then stood laughing to myself (I blame all the fresh sea air) before I could compose myself.

Work in Progress

Work in Progress

As soon as I finish I’ll post some pictures along with a few details about how I found the pattern and yarn.

In other news, today I picked my first ever home-grown ripe cherry Tomato!

My First Tomato

My First Tomato


4 thoughts on “The Perils of Beach Knitting.

  1. Oh boy! Glad your yarn survived 🙂 I took my knitting on a camping trip recently, but didn’t pull it out once for fear of getting it dirty! Camping with three little ones is VERY dirty.


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