Tips for Resourceful Crafters

Ah, the time I can spend on Buzzfeed scrolling through list after list of funny/cute/interesting pictures.

The latest one that caught my eye was this list of Craft hacks. Tips and ideas to make the life of a crafter just that little bit easier. They are all simple and will save you either a little time or money (more for yarn, yay!). The sort of ideas that make you say ‘of coourse, it’s so simple. Why didn’t I think of that?!’

This, in particular, is definitely one that I’ll be trying! I happen to have a few teapots that are pretty much just for show and this gives me a great way to show them off better without the mess of tea leaves and stains to clean up.

The use of a fork to make gorgeous little bows is great too…and don’t get me started on the giant pompom…


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